Solutions for Regular Failures of Domino Printer

There are four kinds of regulor failures for Domino Printer: Recycle Failure, High Voltage Failure, Charging Failure, Viscosity Failure, etc. Here Huax Tech engineers get you the following solutions: 
Failure 1: Domino Recycle Failure.
Performance 1: No ink line is sprayed into Domino recycle tube.
Reason: Domino Nozzle blocking.
Solution: Clean Domino nozzle, adjust the position of ink line.
Performance 2: Ink line has been sprayed into recycle entrance, but still show recycle failure.
Reason: Failure of Domino recycle transducer or connecting cable. If it is inner spares problem of Domino Printer, please kindly contact with our engineers, in case of any wrong operation causing more damage to Domino Printer.
Performance 3: Ink split out from recycle exist.
Reason: When facing this issue, the operators should be more careful, as it is caused by lack of recycle power.
Solution: Please carefully check Domino Filters, Domino Pump, recycle tube etc. one by one to figure out the exact reason.
Failure 2: Domino High Voltage Failure.
Reasons: There is ink on Domino Deflector, incorrect position of ink line, broken or over-senstivity of Domino Pressure Transducer or broken of Domino High Voltage Power Supply.
Solutions: Different solutions are offered based on different reasons.
Failure 3: Domino Charging Failure.
Reasons: Ink in Domino Charge Electrode, charging slot signal break off or poor contact.
Solutions: If there is ink in Domino Charge Electrode, please clean it, and start the Domino Printer when the charging slot is dried. If there is any break off or poor contact on the charging slot signal, please change the charging slot.
Failure 4: Domino Viscometer Failure.
Reasons: Blocking of Domino Solenoid Valve, filter or ink line, etc.
Solutions: Relative solutions should be taken according to different blockings.
Of course, there are other kinds problems to Domino Printer, such as Domino A200 Printer, Domino A100 Printer and Domino A Series Plus Printer, Huax Tech here only show these 4 failures for your reference. More details on Domino Printer repair and maintenance, please feel free to contact with us.
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